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Trend of Indo-Western Fashion In India


Social media influences currently everything in the world. People tend to follow, imitate and adapt to herd of Icons. From hairstyles, to clothing the nearby pop culture throws its wave at all. One example can be the on going K- pop influencers, who really has got the Universe on craze. It has covered a huge crowd of youth from all countries, along with it comes western culture. On the quest of looking the best and following what is trending, the fashion style also has been blended with no specific pure lines, its progeny has become a hybrid like we say “The best of best world’s”.

The Indian wear mostly consists of traditionally engraved outfits which includes saree’s, salwar, kurta’s and some tribal ethnic wear worn especially on regional festive season. The origin is not only ethnic but is embodied culturally likewise, the western clothes has a heritage of its own. The interconnection of the countries through globalisation and technology to give us a technical term, we have seen the influence on all aspects of living. The approach of a shift from a collectivistic culture to more relentlessly approaching the individualistic society, is taking place over time. Which no doubt is making a modern impact. Talking of the combination of Indian and western dresses it gives us a quick ponder as to how these changes takes place on which time and place. Answers lies in the human mind, it is always in a process of creating and innovating, adapting and settling for its benefits trying to make things easier and rather it is this thinking of creative ideas, the change covers all aspect of our lifestyle including the ways of dressing up, the atticate we present, which in turn makes the purchase even more attractive and interesting.

 Indo western attires mostly includes kurta with jeans or leggings, sarees with a belt, skirts with a freestyle T-Shirt, crop top and turtle neck style of blouses, the cuts and slits we like to integrate, or Jacket top salwar suit, we only need to think of the design and it is available in the market. There really isn’t a stop in the innovation we can try on.

INDO – WESTERN style of fashion does not really hold the clothing in a nutshell. It calls for mind blowing, sophisticated looks which are the dresses for parties be it weddings or birthdays. The main intention here is a stylish and classy endeavour. Ironically, trends like such gives us an opportunity to embrace and understand the artistic interest each one of us pursuit. With fast moving world, the trend keeps on changing, the mash up of clothing almost seem unavoidable however, Indian dresses survives of being our most favourite choices. Speaking of which the interlock of styles is highly dependant on the search of many factors such as the internet, television, online shopping stores, also can be peer groups etc. The idea really is the resources available to us daily and the odd to follow/ unfollow.

In summary, Indo- western looks go a long way in developing a market in the fashion industry and this market is setting off on a great pitch in maintaining elegance and is shooting up for great heights.

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