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Tips to Choose Good Women’s Indian Wear for Summer

Summer is very demanding in the change of a lifestyle, and the impact of it is largely felt in the clothing, a good source of Vitamin D sunlight also emits UV rays which can be harmful in places with extreme weather conditions. Therefore, choices for a good summer wear is very essential and also to maintain a good healthy skin. Given below are few essential tips we must make sure we follow to achieve desired result and to enjoy the full of summer.

Good Colour Selection

 Firstly, lets discuss about the colour, the simple concept of white reflect sunlight and black absorbs it, can be used as an advantage while choosing for dresses. Here are few trendy summer colour for 2022

Peach Colour

It is the most favourite choice for a fiery take on the hot weather, mostly loved for the pale colour which is similar to the pulp of peach fruit. As per the name pale pastel colour products especially dresses are made.

Light Turquoise

Turquoise colour is the green shade of cyan, light turquoise is a shade lighter than the original gem turquoise. The name is from French Word Turkish a mixture of green and pale blue. Mostly used for a trendy take in Indian wear.

Light Pink

A lighter shade than pure pink, they are usually light or de-saturated shades of reds, roses, and magentas. A top list choice for colour in a material.

Pastel Green

Pastel green is a light yellowish-green colour. This colour is associated with nature, giving us a refresh for all combination of colour choices for dresses.


Ivory is tricky and hard white colour similar to the colour of the tusks and teeth of animals. This colour is mostly seen in silk material finely used in the manufacture of beautiful elegant dresses.

Off White

Off White is a pale, grey, caramel white with a bronze undertone. It is a perfect colour for slattern, silk, cotton clothing and highly recommendable for summer’s.

Choose Light Weight Natural Fabrics- Cotton, Cotton-Silk, Natural Blend Fabrics

After the colour choice, our attention is towards what material or fabric should we go for? Before deciding on the design. If this is also your question, then the answer is definitely Cotton. It is breathable, lightweight, soaks sweat and is largely available.

Wear Sleeve up style or 3/4th sleeve:

Prickly heat gets out of control, people opt for a more exposed clothes like for instance sleeveless shirt, maxi dress, crop top, Romper suit, shorts, singlet. The lighter weight, loose fitting clothes the more favourable the sun becomes these choices are indeed a great option.

Choose Summer accessories-Dupattas, Scarves

Cap, sunglasses, swim trunks, flip flops, umbrella, straw hat, dupattas, scarves, a good hide out to protect the skin from direct exposure to UV rays, according to the preference and choice its use can be really helpful.

Avoid Wearing Tight Fittings

Sweat is the enemy during summer, it introduces bacterial and fungal infections in the skin, resulting into red rashes, and ring worms, usually due to tight clothes, which collects a lot of sweat in certain areas and does not absorb it. This gives a chance for the flagellate growth of the culture. Thus, avoid wearing tight fitting clothes like jeans, and leggings.

In conclusion, the best way to select a good summer Indian wear is to follow a good selection of material, colour and not forgetting the fittings, accessorising it with matching accessories, getting ready for great summer daylight.

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