The Biggest Wedding Year 2023 – The Wedding Trends in 2023

Virtual invitation cards, few guests, brides wearing masks yet the vibe of big fat weddings remained during the pandemic. Though the settings, the venues, the invitees remained a closed call Indian wedding dresses were a big notch with bridal Gowns and sarees as red coordinates, Groom’s sherwani imprints remained simple to floral designs.

North, east, south and west of India has a diverse array of celebrating weddings, each region having a way of wedding rituals that are past on from generations and followed by the people. One common rendition which remain equal to all is the collectivistic values, which is very much alive in the whole gesture of festive occasions and even though the new normal limited little details of the wedding the spirit of the same custom remained.

The pandemic changed few rules in its course no doubt about that, which is evident in the mask hype, but the God’s blessings to the couple for a happy married life, the roka, haldi / mehendi, engagement, bachelorette parties etc, all pre- wedding plans perfectly took place with few pandemic protocols. This further introduced the demand for markets both online and offline for the wedding arrangements.

Likewise, such auspicious occasions welcomed the joyous season of looking our best for the event pre or post pandemic, which is no different in the choosing. The purpose of wedding shopping with accessories and merchandise, requires collaborate decisions on the clothes for bride and bridegroom which is fulfilled extraordinarily with mostly online purchase, but accompanied by offline buying with friends and family. The huge sale season is during winter and summer commonly – Weaves to wear.

 Though the cultivated culture of India demands surviving bridal dressing, the most common remains lehenga and dupatta, second hugely demanding saree after which long dresses preferably for receptions. Sequence and patterned work, with outstanding hand embroidered designs is the top notch for selection. These collections versify on mostly the personal choice of the bride, while traditional ideas in the dress are still accustomed as choice for inclusion in the key look.

Also, the inspiration for choosing bridal dress these days are gathered mostly from online sources, this platform gives a rough idea of the what the bride and groom want, and so keeping up with the newly included trend becomes important. The influence is definitely seen when deciding for the best wedding.

Shifting towards western marriage, mermaid cut, sweet heart neckline, Catherine lace, organza, are vividly the choice with white as the typical ground rule for colour choice. While the minimalist world does keep off- white shade as the theme of the party, Indian wedding on the other side believes in the versatile, deep V blouse, Anarkali, Vibrant prints floral lehengas with variety of colour clash, while white being unlikely red is the desirable colour choosing, however few regions of India like Assam and South Indian states wear white saree with embroidery red and bordered gold. These trends may differ as the new age change continuously adding more resound stunning pattern designs.

The biggest wedding year, definitely shift our focus to so far discussed different types and ways of weddings in India, where we can rightly say as difficult as it seemed during the pandemic, marriages rather did happen, and the trend of social media regardless of both online and offline mode amalgamated the current trend.

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